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A Million Stars: Lullabies for Iris

by Frances Catherine Ihling

Released 2017
Released 2017
With clear and gentle vocals and soulful acoustic guitar accompaniment, this collection of lullabies is highly recommended to parents and grandparents of young children, or to anyone who sometimes needs coaxing to sleep. Cover art by Kristina Swarner.
Frances Catherine Ihling wrote the 10 original lullabies on 'A Million Stars: Lullabies for Iris' for her daughter. She began writing them over a decade ago, when Iris was a baby and finished the last song for the collection while parked in Brooklyn on a bright summer day in 2016, before a rehearsal with guitarist Mark Marshall who accompanies Frances on this album. With Frances' clear and gentle soprano voice (reminiscent of Julie Andrews and Oliva Newton …
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